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ClimaCab APU

Eliminate Costly Idling with ClimaCab

Crosspoint Solutions, a subsidiary of Cummins Crosspoint, LLC, manufactures, sells and services ClimaCab, an electric APU that provides 10-plus hours of cooling for sleeper cabs without the need to idle the engine. The result is significant fuel savings, improved driver comfort and fewer engine hours during the truck’s trade cycle.ClimaCab APU

A Class 8 truck consumes approximately 1 gallon of diesel fuel per hour while idling at night to keep its driver comfortable in the sleeper cab. Many trucks idle up to 2,200 hours per year consuming more than 2,500 gallons of fuel. The ClimaCab electric APU eliminates the need to idle the truck’s engine. Fleets can save more than $8,000 per truck per year.

ClimaCab benefits
  • 8,000 BTUs/hr of cooling for more than 12 hours
  • Patented Start Assist™ feature eliminates costly jump-starts for your truck
  • Charges batteries at the optimized profile to ensure maximum battery life
  • ClimaCab Compass™ provides dashboard reports

ClimaCab's industry-leading power-management technology delivers up to 8,000 BTUs per hour of cooling for more than 12 hours. The state-of-the-art control system continuously monitors changing conditions and adjusts the variable-speed compressor as required. Crosspoint Solutions designed the product around power management to maximize efficiency while at the same time providing superior driver comfort.

The system requires no ducting, saving space under the bunk and making installation faster. No ducting also means there is no static pressure, allowing you to get 100 percent of the fan's rated CFM.

Heating - Fuel-Fired Heat

ClimaCab offers two fuel-fired heating options that interface with the system and are controlled through the digital touchscreen. In addition to providing set-and-forget control for heating and cooling, the touchscreen also displays OEM fault codes for both types of fuel-fired heaters. This eliminates the need to have a diagnostic tool to troubleshoot heater problems. Fuel-fired heaters use a small amount of diesel fuel to obtain a significant heat output. Under normal operation these heaters run approximately 20 hours on one gallon of fuel.

Power Management

Power management is as equally important as efficiency and is an aspect of cab cooling that often is ignored. ClimaCab uses its patented variable-speed technology to match the work of the air conditioner to the thermal load in the cab enabling maximum run time.

ClimaCab's power management strategy uses state-of-the-art technology to continuously, and in real time, manage power consumption based on the environmental demands all truckers face on a daily basis. What does this mean? It means that ClimaCab system components are able to communicate with each other, ensuring they provide a comfortable environment for the trucker while utilizing the least amount of power possible to get the job done.

ClimaCab's Power Management Module™(PMM) also manages battery charge and discharge cycles. This three-step smart charger can be programmed to charge four types of AGM batteries by optimizing the OEM charge and discharge profile.

Battery Management

The PMM charges and monitors ClimaCab's four deep cycle AGM batteries using "Smart Charger" technology to assure proper charge and discharge cycles for improved battery performance and long life. Smart chargers are profiled with contemporary charging philosophy in mind and also utilize information from the battery to provide maximum charge benefit.

Load Sharing

The PMM can be configured to utilize power from the truck's start batteries at the same time the auxiliary batteries are supplying power to the ClimaCab system. When this feature is enabled, a low-voltage cutoff can be set for the truck's batteries to ensure plenty of power is reserved to start the truck. This feature of sharing the ClimaCab load with both battery banks simultaneously extends run times well beyond the industry standard for all-electric APU systems.

Start Assist™

This patented technology is a money saver for every owner using the ClimaCab system. If the truck's batteries ever become depleted to the point the truck will not start, the driver just activates Start Assist™, and ClimaCab will charge the truck batteries using power from the auxiliary battery bank over a 5-minute span. Start Assist™ eliminates jumpstarts, saving you time and money.

Touch Screen

The ClimaCab touch screen takes the guesswork out of comfort. Its digital interface is intuitive and easily lets the driver set temperature levels. After turning the system on, the driver immediately sees the current cab temperature. The driver then simply inputs his desired temperature and lets the system do the rest. Consider the ClimaCab touch screen the complete in-cab comfort center.

With traditional APU controls, the settings are limited to High/Medium/Low, which the driver must change manually. Unlike the ClimaCab system, traditional controls cannot sense temperature changes and manage power output accordingly to maintain a consistent comfort level. This can mean the driver must wake up several times during the night to adjust the temperature setting because he is either too hot or too cold. With ClimaCab, the driver can get uninterrupted sleep and comfort.

Download additional ClimaCab product information below:

ClimaCab Booklet

ClimaCab Brochure

ClimaCab APUs are sold through all Cummins Crosspoint branches as well as a nationwide dealer network. For more information on ClimaCab APUs contact your nearest Cummins Crosspoint branch or visit the Crosspoint Solutions website.