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Crosspoint Solutions

In April 2012, Cummins Crosspoint LLC, announced the creation of a wholly owned subsidiary, Crosspoint Solutions, LLC. The newest division is focused on the business of battery-powered APUs, having acquired the assets and technology of ClimaCab® in May 2012 from Glacier Bay Technologies.

Crosspoint Solutions

Crosspoint Solutions is headquartered in Indianapolis, Ind., with operations on the city’s northwest side.

ClimaCab® is recognized as the premier technology in the battery-powered Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) market. It uses its infinite variable speed compressor to allow for industry-proven performance to heat and cool the sleeper on Class 8 trucks. Additional features, such as Start Assist™, allow energy transfer from the APU batteries to the truck batteries, virtually eliminating the need for jump starts.

Crosspoint Solutions is establishing a robust distribution network for the new Crosspoint ClimaCab® APU with an unmatched system for customer support.

Contact Crosspoint Solutions

Crosspoint Solutions, LLC
5511 W. 79th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46268
Tel: 877-826-9399